Friday, June 12, 2009

Crazy B - Scratch Attack !

Another scratch tape from a Double H dj .Crazy B is known for his scratching skills and his work with Alliance Ethnik.A tape for the Turntabelism fans.

Dj Abdel & Dj Mouss - Mortal Scratch Round 1

Cut Killer had his crew in the 90's, double h dj crew , wich featured the best French dj's from that time. Each dj had his speciality but they all had one thing in common ... they were all great scratchers and won lot's of prices at DMC contests.
To show you some of their skillz we give you a scratch tape from French-Moroccon dj's Abdel & Mouss.

A tape for the turntabelism lovers .

Dj Duke Flava -100% Freestyle Shit 2

Another French gem and this time from 95 ' .
A tape from dj Duke from Lyon with French freestyles with the biggest names of that era. Also check the skills on this one .
It also features a remix of the song Iam & Sunz of Men made together.
Great artists & nice beats makes a good tape so cop this one !
Also check the freestyle of late East , who died later that year...

East RIP !

Cut Killer - Represent

Another slammin' tape from mister Cut Killer.
This tape is from 96 and gives you a taste of the hip-hop of that time .
Paula Perry , East Flatbush Project, some french legends like D'Abuz & Koalition , y'all know what time it is !
Cut Killer was also know for his great and inventive intro's, on every tape he made he putted two great intro's on each side ,check the skills on both the mix and the intro's and you'll know why Cut Killer will always remain France number one dj .

Straight from the Underground .... Cut Killer !!

Dj Goldfinger - Anthology V3

Another hip-hop tape from a French dj .
Not as legendary as Cut Killer , Clyde Poska or others , he still made some nice tapes and made a name with his mix-cd's alongside dj Kost .
This is a nice hip-hop mix from 1999 .
Pour le coté collector ;)

Cut Killer - Party Jam

Cut Killer is the most skilled mixtape dj in Europe and the most known hip-hop dj from France .
You may know him from his recent work with Big Dawgs Pitbulls but that is just some wack shit compared to what he used to do at parties and mixtapes in the 90's.
He started making hip-hop tapes in 93 , one of the first in France alongside Dj Clyde, and made a name with his legendary tapes where he invited some of the biggest names of that time .
He also had a famous radio show on Radio Nova , some of these shows can be found on this blog .
Some of you may also know him from his appearance in the cult movie La Haine , where you see him scratching and blending big's machine gun funk on Edith Piaf & Krs One - Sound of tha police.

As an introduction to Cut Killer we decided to post his Party Jam tape from 1997 , a kind of megamix of all his favourite tracks , with lots of crazy scratches , mixes and medley's .

This is one of the most legendary tapes from the French mixtape scene.

You should definitly check this one out !

Tout droit de l'underground's the Cut Killa show !

Dj HMD - Les Gens D'armes