Friday, June 22, 2012

Kid Capri - 52 Beats...

Classic Shit.

Kon & Amir - On Track V.3

Dj Bloody Money - Into The Vibe

Dj Danger Mouth - 100% R&B V.1

Nice R&B mix from 1997 with some rare songs.

Dj Skrozee - New York New York

Another fat French tape, this time from 1999. Dedicated to some indie New York artists along with some exclusives from legendary French group La Scred Connexion.

Dj Size - Blazin' Tape

Great tape from 1998: good selection, freestyles and some nice skills & tricks.

Dj James - L'enjeux 100% R&B V.14

For the fans of early 2000 R&B

Dj Fab - Underground Explorer V.2

Nice indie mix.

Dj D'Ego & Dj Vinz - 50% Rap US 50% Rap Francais

Crossover tape: France meets USA

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dj E-Man - Special Brooklyn

Dj Calou - ...Tiens!!!

Dj Smoke - 100% Primo

Fat tape with only Primo beats.

Mixmaster Mike - Zektar Cell Block One

Another rare,dusty & forgotten tape from the 90's brought to you by Tapediggers!

Mixmaster Mike - Rescue 916

Dj 4T4 - The Main Factor

Dj Don't Front - The Audience is Listening

Souterrain Production présente 50 emceez

After Hours & Dj Grazzhoppa - Collected & Injected Pt.3

Hallucinogenic beats & dreamy audiovisual landscapes

After Hours & Dj Grazzhoppa - Out in Outerspace Pt.2

Spacey trip into the outer reaches of our space&time continuum.

After Hours & Dj Lefto - Tape 7: Carpoolin'

Monday, June 4, 2012

Smimooz - Best off 9MM hosted by Binx

Recent mix by De Puta's Smimooz with a best of the infamous 9MM label.

Smimooz - Elektrofunkrockers

Damented & Dysfunkshunal - D&D V.1

Damented & Dysfunkshunal - D&D V.3

Dj Xela - Ragga Hip-Hop V.1

Great tape, fat remixes.

Dj Xela - Party Mix

Early 2000 dancehall mix.

Dj Xela - R&B Pt.3

Tape version of an early 2000 tape by Xela. Not my cup of tea but I guess some people will like this kind of tape.

Dj Xela - Ragga Hip-Hop V.3

Dj Xela is a Belgian dj whom I only know from his mixtapes. He did quite a few but his Hip-Hop/Dancehall crossover tapes stand out. Nice selection and remixes from classic dancehall songs, mixes who still stand to this day.