Friday, June 28, 2013

Dj Muro - Diggin' Ice 96

This time we're taking a flight to the land of the rising sun to end up with one the most prolific cratediggers around. Here is one of his early mixes with the trademark rare grooves and funky sounds.

Boo Tha Barber - Hip Hop Reggae

This dj from Jamaica Queens made some fine ass tapes. This one is a fat crossover hiphop reggae mix. Only blends.

Wu-Tang Clan - Mystagogue V.2

The second part of this insane Wu-Tang megamix. The RZA must have been smoking some good shit when he made this. It doesn't get any better than this. Pure dopeness.

Wu-Tang Clan - Mystagogue V.1

This set of tapes are original bootlegs straight out of the 36 chambers of Shaolin. If you're looking for that old skool Wu-Tang feel,  here you have it. This mixtape was a freebie in a magazine sometimes in the mid-ninetees. The mix contains Wu-Tang material (at that time unreleased) mixed and remixed by the RZA himself.

Cosmic Kev - Tape 14 Return Of The Madness

On popular demand. Phillies finest back with some madness on the decks.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dee Nasty - Le Diamant Est Eternel

Dee Nasty is one the hiphop pioneers in France and considered the Grand Master of France's Zulu Nation. Author of the first hiphop album in that country as early as 1983 he contributed making hiphop culture popular in Europe. Here is an album from 98, mixed, where he collaborates with the big dj & producers  from mid-90's France: Cut Killer, Dj Mehdi, Faster Jay, LBR ... Nice productions, France at its best.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cosmic Kev - Best Of EPMD

This time we're heading to Philadelphia, home of the Fresh Prince, the Sixers & the Philly Cheese Steak. Couldn't tell much about Cosmic Kev except that he looks like one of the big names from that area and that he made some very fresh tapes. Concerning the tape well, the name says it all!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Eddie Def - Hemp Lords V.1

This very eclectic mix by Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters Eddie Def features some obscure sounds from around the world crafted into one crazy mix. This is not for everyone, but if you're open to many styles and sounds you can give this a try.
Props to for the original upload.
Some info: (note that the cover is from the Wax People cd which is kind of a best of volume 1&2 of the Hemp Lords series).
 "After I did the original Hemp Lords in 1996 I didn't think that anyone would like it except for me," said Eddie Def. Wrong! People loved it and soonafter the handful of Hemp Lords tapes manufactured started circulating they quickly became much coveted collector's items by those who dug Eddie Def's DJ skills and could relate to his musical landscapes, accentuated by a montage of diverse pop cultural references. Using as his tools; two turntables, a mixer, a basic Gemini 4-second sampler, and a four-track Eddie spends months at a time carefully crafting each Hemp Lords volume. The opening segment of Hemp Lords II (CD track #1) for example includes about 150 different noise/sound sources. "I like to keep it moving real fast with just little bits, like bam bam, hitting you from the left and the right like a Mike Tyson fight," says Eddie whose style is in the tradition of the 1980's megamix records. "I'll take a horn, a snare, a scream, a guitar, a moan, a cartoon, or I'll flip an orchestra backwards. I love sounds and I love manipulating them or using them out of their original context," enthuses Eddie. "Cry Baby" for example contains a sample of his daughter Guilianna crying."

Request Line: Dj Rip One - Self

As requested by Tim. Mixtape by Rip One from the Innernational b-boy collective straight from Los Angeles. Lots of thought put into this mix, coupled with advanced technical skills: plenty of scratching, multi-tracking and movie drops throughout. 

Sparkle Motion - Flight School V.3 Mix

Third installment in the Flight School Mix series by Sparkle Motion. Boogey, Funk & Eighties songs mixed by Tobes & Dj Yoda.
"Buckle up and brace yourselves for Sparkle Motion's third and final installment of their hugely popular "Flight School" mixtape series. If you've flown with them before, you already know what to expect: first class 80s funk, soul and R&B breaks, obscure and familiar, all mixed together with superior turntable skills. Download and prepare for take off..."

Request Line: JR Ewing - Metro Veteran Mixtape

As requested by 52.King. This tape by JR Ewing contains only tracks about graffiti. Great concept, great selection, legendary. No doubt lots of trains & metros have been blessed by artists around the world with this tape as soundtrack.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ron G - Whateva Man Pt.2

When you hear Ron G screaming "NEW SHIT" when a Biggie song pops up on one of his tapes you know it's old skool. This is a typical Ron G joint from that era: not so much blending or cutting this time but a solid selection of the new songs of that time. The sound quality is rather poor but you know how it goes, this is a copy of a copy of a copy that ended up being recorded with a walkman that was resuscitated with the McGyver abilities of one of our technicians.

Request Line: Ron G - Who Could It Be

The former youngest in charge with a mix-cd that, hearing the sounds, came out between 2006 and 2007. Definitely not our cup of tea but as someone requested this, here it is.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Crazy Toones - That Nigga's Crazy Pt.1

Another smashing classic 4-track madness West Coast G-Funk tape. We can't stress enough how good this tape is, especially side A.. Blends, scratches, exclusive freestyles all mixed together at high speed. A mixtape with a 5-stars Tapediggers approval stamp on it. That nigga is definitly crazy!!

Dj Aladdin & Dj Scratch – Da Shizznit L.A. Style

This tape has featured on many blogs and websites trough the years and there's a good reason for that: it's absolutely slamming!! This mixtape is pure 4-track extravaganza at it's best: a fast paced 40 minutes P-Funk, G-Funk & West Coast megamix full of tricks, scratches, blends.. Those two dj's sure know how to make a classic mixtape!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

B-Mello - B-Day 96

Another classic, this time from Seatlle. Strong selection, some remixes and exclusive freestyles.

Evil Dee - Nasdee Bushwick Joint

This time it's Beatminerz Evil Dee with a classic mid-ninetees tape. We only have one side so if anyone is willing to share the rest, help a brother out!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dj Iron presents - Classic Recipes Volume 1

Dj Iron and crew bring you a showcase of classic hiphop songs remixed by some of the finest dj's & producers around. If you're looking for some nice soulful, sample driven productions and you don't wanna end up looking in your 90's hiphop stash this is something for you. Real candy for the ears, can't wait for volume 2!
Make sure you check out his other projects:

DL presents: Dr.Dekay - This Time Around

Nice double tape from the start of the 21th century. Lots of indy gems and a solid mixing. Props to Dj Iron for this one!

Dj Djel & Dj Soon - C'est La Même !!!

This tape is one of those me and my crew couldn't stop listen to for years. Pure hardcore French rap from Marseille mixed together by the fantastic Don't Sleep Deejayz. Everything about this tape is just rugged&raw. Check it!

Selecta Bam Bam - Old Skool Buttas Pt.1

We continue our journey through different music styles and bring you more buttas, this time it's Selecta Bam Bam. This dj made a lot of hot tapes mixing Jamaica's finest alongside the cream of 90's hip-hop.

Mister Cee - R&B Buttas Pt.1

As the summer starts up in the Northern Hemisphere we at Tapediggers tend to listen more to R&B. This time Mister Cee comes across with a smooth & laid back R&B mix to guide you trough your hot summer nights. What stands out in this mix is the selection: a collection of sometimes very rare grooves you don't often hear on other tapes, mixed together by one of NYC's finest.
Mister Cee.. and you don't stop!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cut Killer - Tape 1

After a long winter break Tapediggers is back bringing you mixtape flava from all around the world . This time we present you Cut Killer's first mixtape which set in motion mixtape culture in France as this is believed to be France's first mixtape! Came out in 93 in limited issue this tape gain legendary status not only because of it's author but foremost because it stayed under the radar for all those years. Until Tapediggers dug it out of its vault to serve it to the masses . We are proud to share this gem with hiphop fans worldwide as this starts up a new chapter in this blog's history.
The mix itself is in true Cut Killer fashion: a fat intro,seamless mixing, creative interludes, a selection of early 90's hiphop heroes and Cut Killer's trademark deadly cuts.
Tout droit de l''s the Cut Killah show!
Big up to all mixtape headz, let it be known, Tapediggers is back!!