Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dj Cream - Nique la Musique de France

This tape is one of the most legendary tapes ever released in France.
The title translates as Fuck the French Music and relates to the classic French music style wich is quite opposed to the hardcore French rap you hear on this tape.
This is a true concept tape with a fantastic intro where you hear the dj scratching on rappers insulting classic French music through his cuts, the background music of the intro is also the instrumental of Shitsquad wich starred on the Chronique de Mars compilation and is one of the biggest hits ever in French rap.
The rest of the tape is simply the best French rappers of that era and both dj's Bots & Cream putting big work in providing nice cuts and raw mixing.
If you want an introduction to French rap make sure you cop this one!
This was released on the Passe-Passe label in the spring of 1998 and was a massive hit throughout France,Belgium,Switzerland & Quebec.