Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dj Fekt - For Life

This time we're heading to Austria. Dj Fekt brings us a nice little tape with a laid back atmosphere...the mix, the selection and overall technique are all on top on this one.

Monday, March 17, 2014

What's The Flavor DJ Poska since 1994

I just read on DJ Poska's fb page that he is going to release all his old mixtapes on his new site :


I can't tell you how happy we are at tapediggers, Poska is a legend in France right next to Cut Killer and Abdel who basically ripped all of our walkmans up in the 90s and most of the mixtape headz and collectors are missing some pieces to complete their collection

He released 50 in total from 1994 until the 2000s and some extras like the Classic r&b and Classic hip hop we posted last week.

Spread the word out....   www.djposka.com

Mad props to the real Djs out there,   Poska tapediggers te remercie

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wu Tang - SHAO & THE FU - tape Vol. 3 (freestyles, unrealesed & live)

just like it says the Wu is takin' over and this is Vol 3 SHAO & THE FU

Side A is all live it's crazy to listen to 90s hip hop concerts, the atmosphere is liiiive...
Side B is strictly WU shit and some rare shit, discover jewels like KGB - Bless Ya Life and the Perverted Rym Mcees in case you
never heard that one

I know there were 7 volumes (maybe more) and I'm still lookin' for vol 6 and 7 if anyone has that please let us know


DJ Poska - Classic Hip Hop Flavor (hors série)

We put up Poska's Classic R&B Flavor last week and I spoke about the Classic Hip Hop Flavor tape as well, and here it is fellas !

Remember Cut Killer's PARTY JAM or even Kid Capri's Mixmaster Weekend set on Hot 97 back in 1996?

Well Poska gets down just like that for the year 2000 and he takes you on a trip to the classics !

This is only for adults, I think some kids out there can't appreciate this... enjoy this one fam!



Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ron G - Real Deal - 1994

"the youngest in charge Rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon G"

y'all know what i'm talkin' about, Ron G in this bitch with this gem from 1994, with tracks from Mc Ren to Main Source you can be sure that it's da bomb.

The youngest in charge brings us the Real Deal for the 94 !

How can you not love a Ron G tape from 1994 it's like when Penny and Shaq were invading the top 10 plays of the week on NBA ACTION the same year : FIRE

just admire fellas this is for the real tape headz out there    

Cut Killer - R&B N° 4 - 1995

It's Esko again holdin it down for Tape diggers and this is one goes out to my cousins Sami & Shafiiq The Digga - Cut Killer R&B N°4 !

Now fellas this is my favourite mixtape, this is one of the rare tapes that never left my house since the 90s, i still remember buying it back in 95/96 when Michael Jordan was still playing with the Bulls and 2Pac & BIG were alive and still bringin new flava....

As usual Cut Killer prepared an original intro and continues on this r&b cruise with many classics as well as some rare tunes like Jameicia feat. Busta Rhymes or Baybe - Victim of Society, as well as a crazy blend of Fugees over Horace Brown a true pearl of  90s r&b mixing

Dj Uinxxks - Dehael Tourizm 1

"i represent the real hip hop..."   Just like the Bush Babees said, and that's exactly what you can expect listenin' to this joint. A good mix of raw and pure shit with nice scratches and you gotta love the artwork on some of the belgian tapes

Déhael in the building with the Tour-Izm series and Volume 1

DJ Uinxxks is in charge for the Tour-Izm part of Déhael, this is strictly for the hip hop headz

Monday, March 10, 2014

Doo Wop & Kool Kirk 1996

1996 in the house ! NYC DJs always keep it bangin', another one for your car fellas

y'all know Doo Wop, and y'all know Kool Kirk, both of them on a tape and 1996 is the year, i ain't got the cover, and this a rip of a copy....

It starts with freestyles from Doo Wop and co, and then you can check out the usual crazy blends Kool Kirk style and hot tracks like lost boyz, heltah skeltah, camp lo, etc...

side a and side b

Dj Damage & Dj Pone - Mix Tape vol 2 (Eight April Team) 97/98

Double H in the house again, with Pone & Damage for number 2 in their series (they did 3 together in total)

Pure flava on this joint just look at the tracklist, thanks to my friend Eddie who gave me the full tape i was missing the end of side a ( a default on the tape i bought)

enjoy !

Lord Issa & Dj Iso - Live Tape 1 (1998),

Here's another Lord Issa (France) joint, Sami already explained who Lord Issa is with the reggae tapes posted earlier...

This is a live tape recorded from a nightclub in Paris in 1998, so if you're over 30yrs you can recognize some joints you used to dance to back in the dayz.

Music and DJs in clubs and discos changed a lot, that's what I realize when I listen to tapes like these, nice live mixes that get you in the rhythm

Anyway, here's Lord Issa and DJ Iso mixin 112, Lost Boyz, 2pac, Ma$e, En Vogue, CNN, Cru, Paula Perry and more...

DJ Hamadi - Cannibal Mix (98/99)

DJ Hamadi is a member of the Transformerz crew (Daddy K, DJ Risk,etc...) which is a Belgian Turntablist crew in case you didn't know...

Everybody likes Abdel, Cut Killer and Poska, but you can't ignore the skills of the other DJs who did their thing in France and Belgium back in the 90s, this tape shows just how serious competition was back in the days, the music speaks for itself...

There are 4 Cannibal mixtapes (Grazzhoppa, Kayne, DJ Hmd, and DJ Hamadi) and Hamadi made no mistakes with his one, lots of blends, nice smooth r&b with some french hip hop mixed like it has to be, he is quite a technical DJ so you can admire some very nice scratches...

Bump this in your ride !



DJ Poska - Best of Classic R'n'B - October 1998 (Hors série)

What's happenin' mixtape fam ?
 it's Esko for Tapediggers and we're back in this bitch for some more flava...DJ Poska (Funky Maestro) from Paris this time and the year is 1998, he made a classic hip hop and a classic r&b tape outside of his "What's the flavor" series...
His usual style with nice intros and fine mixing, just look at the tracklist, all the r&b flava from the 90s and you can notice 2 jewelz :

Lisette Melendez & Greg Nice - Goodie Goodie
Whitehead Bros - Forget I was a "G"