Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wu Tang - SHAO & THE FU - tape Vol. 3 (freestyles, unrealesed & live)

just like it says the Wu is takin' over and this is Vol 3 SHAO & THE FU

Side A is all live it's crazy to listen to 90s hip hop concerts, the atmosphere is liiiive...
Side B is strictly WU shit and some rare shit, discover jewels like KGB - Bless Ya Life and the Perverted Rym Mcees in case you
never heard that one

I know there were 7 volumes (maybe more) and I'm still lookin' for vol 6 and 7 if anyone has that please let us know


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  1. Thanks. never heard of this series before. Did you get the '$50 pack' that was uploaded to wetransfers a few days ago? it's a gigabyte of unreleased wu stuff.