Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Damented & Dysfunkshunal - D&D Volume One (KILLA TACTICS)

Killa Tacticts in the house, the name speaks for itself sometimes, i mean you can recognize pure hip hop tapes by the covers and the names of the Djs sometimes if you didn't know what it is, these 2 Djs from belgium did their thing back in the late 90s, this is vol 1 for y'all with nice mixing again and good hip hop and some nice french tracks and technique interludes for my frenchies out there

check out Mobb Deep's remix of It could happen to you (pour les gars FR vous reconnaissez le son du remix de Fabe - L'impertinent :p)


Dj Kayne - Dehael Tape 2 - May 1997

Déhael again and again, real hip hop, real Djs, real skills, a true mixtape, in case you didn't know and just to remind y'all Dj Kayne is part of Déhael a belgian DJ crew from the 90s

If you don't have love for the underground then you're not a mixtape head, only true people can appreciate something like this