Monday, August 27, 2012

Dj Flip - The Doobie Show V.4

Vladi K.: "For all the Dj Flip lovers....listen to the tape!! You will like this tape because it is Powerful, Excellent and exquisite!!!"

Dj Pray' One - Who's the King of New York

Vladi K.:" Dreadful mixtape....with classics, battle freestyles, scratches & much of my favourite tapes because it is a very technical performance.....This tape will blow your speakers !!!!!"

Soundquake Sound System - Range Rovin'

Request Line: Mister Cee - The Best Of Redman

Request Line: Mister Cee - The Best Of Method Man

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dj Cash Money - Live in Toronto 1986

Liveshow with Cash Money on the wheelz of steel. You know it's an old show when you hear some mc rapping 'kill the faggots' like in the 14th minute of this tape. Today he'll probably go to jail for such lyrics. Except in Jamaica or something. Anyway. Great show, great artist.

Dj Cash Money - Freestyle Flavor

No idea why this tape is called Freestyle Flavor as there are no freestyles on it. But what's on it is quite fantastic: blends & original mixes, scratches and an overall strong selection as well on an hip-hop tip as more r&b flava. This one comes highly recommended.

Dj Cash Money - Old School Need To Learn Plot1

Can it get any realer than this? New school need to learn!

Dj Cash Money - W.K.I.S. (Holiday Head Twister)

Camilo & Spin One - Underground Funk

Wu-Tang Clan - Freestyle, Unreleased & Live Tape 2

On popular demand.. Another Tapediggers exclusive!

Azeez - The Essence

Dj Cris - Tape 4: Back To The Old School Pt.1

Dj Cris - Tape 6: Special R&B

Dj Cris - Tape 8: Mind'As

Dj Cris - Tape 9: Back To The Old School Pt.2

Saiko - Mixtape V.2

Vladi K.:"Nice mixtape released in july 1999 for all the mixtape maniacs....only continuous beat mixes and scratches . A tape with real good US songs you will hear out again, again and again....listen to it! Belgian-Holland connection!"

Federation Sound System - Tape 5

Vladi K.:"Mixed in 2003 should be a collectors Item. Always sold out in all music stores. Some Crazy Dubs and Riddims such as Don Corleon's "Egyptian" , Bad Company and Masterpiece. You will be on fire during the entire tape!!!"

Maverick & U Call That Love - Highs in the 90s

Whereas most people are focused only on new music releases...seeking a futuristic fusion of sounds...there is a small place for the earlier years. Not only are the first years of 21st century almost forgotten, but the records from 90s are beginning to sink into oblivion. It's a pity because the 90s was certainly a wonderful period of time for hip-hop music. U Call That Love (UCTL) teamed up with Washington D.C.-based MC/producer, Maverick, to create a mix of music from the good old days of rap, entitled "Highs in the 90s". This beatmaker from capitol of United States has released a number of projects as of late. In February 2011, he has dropped an instrumental project, "The First Step", and a few months ago, he released the follow-up, "The Next Step". In addition, Maverick was given the privilege by his friend Oddisee of remixing a number of songs from Diamond District's In the Ruff album. Now, Maverick provides an exclusive release made specifically for UCTL, "Highs in the 90s". Maverick chose a slew of songs from the decade of the 90s and has selected some really top-notch tracks. Most of them are rare and hard to find...almost half of the records are remixes of the originals. Maverick has dug all of tracks out from his cassettes, vinyl, CDs and hard drives, which clearly affected to a whole vibe of the release. Please take your time, have a seat and enjoy of this collection of songs. "Highs in the 90s" is a time capsule for all real hip-hop fans.

Dj Cypha Sounds - Live on Hot 97, hosted by Fat Joe

Brought to you by Vladi:"dj Cipha Sounds Hot 97 is a good american mixtape....nice tracks...!!!

Request Line: Dj EV - Hotter This Year (Winter 96)

Request Line: Kay Slay - Original Gangster Pt.3

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mister Critical & Mister Cheebahawkes - Broken Wings Chapter #1

DJ Grazzhoppa slips into his alter ego, Mister Cheebahawkes, and teams up with Mister Critical on this new mixtape for Laid Back Radio. The broken wings mixtape is action packed with hiphop, funk, soul & breaks + some funky cuts & scratches on top…

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lion Kingz - The Remix Tape

Absolutely stunning blend tape from Switzerland brought to you by man Vladi. Every song is remixed, all mixed expertly together with lots of scratches, freestyles & effects.