Thursday, September 22, 2016

MIster Cee - For My 2 Man's & Them - Tape 1

Mister Cee...

Mister Cee - For My 2 Man's & Them - Tape 2

and you don't stop!

Dj Bonez - Classic Mix

Coming from Australia this is Dj Bonez, the note with the mix says. : "This CD has been intricately crafted with custom made choruses to the tracks mixed on the cd that you cannot find on the originals and special part's were he has also re scratched the original choruses into new format's as well. Check out the new mix cd that the whole country is talking about." Bump this!

Dj 3rd Rail - Subway Hip-Hop 29: Back From Japan

Chicago in da place with dj 3rd Rail and he's back from Japan!

Dj Rip One - Intense Promomix LA

Headin' to the West Coast  this time where DJ Rip One (not pictured) is rippin' shit up in this promomix.

Dj Clyde - Tape 5

From Paris with love, Dj Clyde with his fifth tape from 1995. Massive mixtape, one of my personal favorites. Straight classic. One love to all my peepz in France and big shout out to Just Digga for providing this tape!

Dj Absolut - The Montana Destiny

Representing for Queens, Dj Absolut with the Montana Destiny.
As a wise man once said: "I'm Tony Montana! You fuck with me, you fuckin' with the best!"

Dj Black Panther - Revolution

Straight out of Brooklyn, New York... Dj Black Panther with that hardcore uncut shit! The revolution shall not be televised.

Mista Rello - Blends 101 (How To Make A Blend Tape)

Blends all day, blends all night !!

Dj Kook Kirk - 3rd Pound Part 3

We're back in this bitch with a fat tape by heayhitter DJ Kool Kirk. Blends, freestyles, hot mixes .. no need to say more, you know how we do!