Friday, April 2, 2010

Cut Killer - Tape 5 : special East & Fabe

What happens when you put the two best French mc's and the best dj together to make a tape?
Chances are you get a classic tape.
And this one is pure classic. This tape dissapearing over the years added more weight to its legendary status it already had when it came out in 1995.

The first one of a serie of tapes where Cut Killer invited rappers on his mixtapes, those tapes combined their freestyles with the best tracks of the moment cutted and mixed together by France's number 1.
East , a long time friend of Cut Killer got the honour to be the first guest alongside with Fabe. You get a great freestyle from them followed with some bangers of the moment from artists like KMD, Kurious & Da King and I .The first side finishes off with a nice reggae-hip hop blend session.
The flipside is more on an R&B tip with some smooth vibes from people like X-Scape , Eric Gable & Angela Winbush.
This mixed all together in true Cut Killer fashion : great cuts & intro's and songs that he pitched to the max to give it a nice New Jack Swing vibe.
This tape was due to be reedited last year but that didn't happen because Fabe stopped rapping and turned into a Muslim cleric. Because of that he didn't want his old projects the be released anymore. To bad for the masses but Tapediggers still got the flava to feed ya mixtape needs!
Make sure you cop this one, fat fat tape !
Dedicated to my man LeShaffiq !
East RIP.