Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dj Cream - Nique la Musique de France

This tape is one of the most legendary tapes ever released in France.
The title translates as Fuck the French Music and relates to the classic French music style wich is quite opposed to the hardcore French rap you hear on this tape.
This is a true concept tape with a fantastic intro where you hear the dj scratching on rappers insulting classic French music through his cuts, the background music of the intro is also the instrumental of Shitsquad wich starred on the Chronique de Mars compilation and is one of the biggest hits ever in French rap.
The rest of the tape is simply the best French rappers of that era and both dj's Bots & Cream putting big work in providing nice cuts and raw mixing.
If you want an introduction to French rap make sure you cop this one!
This was released on the Passe-Passe label in the spring of 1998 and was a massive hit throughout France,Belgium,Switzerland & Quebec.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dj MK & Supa T - Bastard Breaks

If you like scratching,breaks and soul this tape is for you!
A very nice concept tape by UK dj's MK & Supa T.
Don't know about the year but doesn't matter if you're dealing with soulfull breaks and loops straight from the crates.
You can check out Dj MK's blog here, not to confuse with the French R&B dj with the same name.

Props to dj Sharp for this tape!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dj Grazzhoppa - Fried Up Mix 4.5

Strong selection, nice mix & crazy cuts.The year is 1996.

Dj Flip - Mixtape Volume 8

My last Dj Flip mixtape.
Fat tape like always with dj Flip.
If anyone got any other of his tapes hit me up by mail.

Dj Flip - No Limits Pt.2

Banging hip-hop tape from late Dj Flip.
Came out around 2000.

Dj Flip - Ragga/Hip Hop mix

Dancehall mix by Dj Flip. Props to Topshotter for this one.

Dj Grazzhoppa - The Lost Tape

Another great hip hop mixtape by Grazz.The tracklist speaks for itself.

Le Dernier Wagon

Belgian hip-hop from Brussels.
Came out in 2002

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dj Spinbad - 1/900 Spinbad

Spinbad back with that hardcore shit.
Impressive skillz on this dj straight outa Queens.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ron G - 26/12/1993

Ron G with some New Jack Swing vibes.
Like Ice Cube said,
you can New Jack Swing on my NUTS !

Dj Premier - Collectif Rap 3

Dj Premier meets French Hip-Hop.
The year is 2000.
Last 3 songs of second cd are missing.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dj Enuff - French Flavour

Dj Enuff meets French Hip-Hop.
The year is 1997.

Tony Touch - 55 Power Cyphaz

Classic Freestyle Tape.

Dj S&S – Something For That Ass

Sound of Uptown Number One.
Rugged & Raw 94 flava.

Put em up, S&S put em up!

Ron G – Summertime Jam Part 2

Former Youngest in Charge!
Rooon Geeee

The year should be 93, Ron G on a old school tip.
Mad Tape.

Mister Cee - Forget About it

Like, you know, like "Hey Paulie, you got a one inch pecker?" and Paulie says "Forget about it!" Sometimes it just means forget about it...

Straight hip-hop from 98.
Mister Cee and you don't stop!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dj Grazzhoppa - The Wax Ripper

Grazz made a lot of mixtapes, besides his most known series ' Fried Up Mix' , he worked togheter with Ame & Dvl on the After Hours series , made several tapes with Belgian legends Déhael Crew and did some tapes on the side.
Wax Ripper is one of those tapes, the year is 1996.

The name of the tape stands for what you are about to hear, some crazy dj ripping on wax!

Dj Grazzhoppa - Fried Up Mix 10

Another one for the headz ! This is hip-hop.Real Hip-Hop.

Dj Grazzhoppa - Fried Up mix 15

One of his last tapes in this series, came out around Y2K.
Thee inseckt on the wheelz of steel!

Dj Grazzhoppa live @ The Cover 10 mai 1996

Dj Grazzhoppa performing live in Ghent in the nineties, check out the skillz on the turntables!

Dj Grazzhoppa - Fried Up Mix 9

Dj Grazzhoppa - Fried Up Mix 2

Straight hip-hop with some nasty cuts, no more to say then download this shit because it's mad flava!
The technical level on Grazz tapes is just amazing and they just keep on getting better, definitly worth the download.
The year of release should be something like 1995 or 1996.

Dj Grazzhoppa : a little presentation

It's time for a little presentation of Belgian hip-hop legend Dj Grazzhoppa.

Active in the hip-hop scene since the mid eighties , he started with TLP Belgium's first hip hop band 'Rhyme Cut Core'. Being skillfull on the turntables as he is he became European Dmc champion in 1991.
He was also the first Belgian dj who made mixtapes ( to my knowledge) and was active with Belgium's most known hip hop group De Puta Madre.
Besides being a great dj he is also a producer.He worked together with Greedy Fingers ,Blade, Mf Doom,Necro....the list is endless.
More detailed biography can be found here.
His latest work include his dj big band where he putted some of the best dj's in the world together and formed a 'big band' wich has been touring all over since a couple of years, more info on this dj bigband on
He has a new album comming out called Gemini, a soulfull collaboration with his spouse, samples can be listened on his myspace page.

But as you know here at Tapediggers we're all about mixtapes and Grazz produced a lot of them, and we can truly say they are quality tapes : the selections, the ideas,the concept, the crazy cuts...nothing more to add than just cop this shit and see how a mixtape really should be!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jr Ewing - Bad Reputation

Jr Ewing was never actually a real dj mixing at parties and stuff.This French mixtape dj made his name with tapes where he selected the best indie songs from that time and putted them together in mixtape form.So don't exept no crazy techniques or dj skillz but great selections ,artwork and concept.
Many of his tapes are on blogs today, i think this one is still missing.Any request just let us know.

Dj Rhythm - Roll It 95

Divers mid ninetees mix, different styles on this one.
Quality of the rip is not all that, but it's ok if you don't exept to much.
The mix itself is worth the download.

Dj Avee - Basically

Tape from 1998 by Brooklyn native dj Avee. Straight New York hip hop on this one.If you heard his other tapes you know this one is a must have.

Funkmaster Flex on Radio One 23-12-95

Funkmaster Flex cutting up some classics and some freestyles by some big names of that area in the Tim Westwood show, make sure you cop this 3 hours show , definitly worth the download.

Dj Stylewarz - Ny's Finest

Don't know much about him exept that i guess he is German due to the German freestyle there is on this tape.
But don't make no mistake this tape is a true gem where this dj rips up some indie hip hop in a very technical fashion.

Dj Flip - Mixtape 15

His first and only double mix cd , one of his last releases.

DJ FLIP - VOLUME 15 - CD 1IntroTLP, Dors, Meanz & Dj Flip - where's my lighterMOP - warriorsLMNO - enhancedP Diddy ft MOP - bad boy 4 lifeAdam F ft Beenie Man & Siamese - dirty harry's revengeGuru - where's our moneyRoots Manuva ft Rodney P - swords in the dirtSkhool Yard - here we comeBlack Eyed Peas ft Macy Gray - request lineAdam F ft MOP - stand clearR59 - d elite part 2Ozomatli ft Medusa - vocal artilleryPromoe - freedom fightersBoomoperators - change the sceneMOP - ante upQuasimoto - astro travellin'

DJ FLIP - VOLUME 15 - CD 2IntroAdam F ft Redman - smash sumtin'7L & Esoteric ft Vinnie Paz - chain reactionEvidence & Mr Eon - E=MC²MOP - everydayBaldhead Slick ft Timbo King, Killah Priest & Black Jesus - in hereBiz Markie - turn the party outErick Sermon ft Marvin Gaye - musicDITC - best behaviourRoyal Flush - i gotta have it againBravo & Sand Man - 1 of a kindPete Rock ft Freddie Foxxx - mind frameTLP, Dors, Meanz & Dj Flip - don't be pissedFoxy Brown ft Kelis - candy3582 - yesterdayEdan - mic manipulatorMr Lif - ol'crewMos Def - jam on it

Dj Flip - Mixtape 11

Another series of mixtapes by late Dj Flip.
Mixing some mainstream hip hop classics and underground bangers.

Props to Mobster for this one

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dj Flip - Doobie Tape V2

Talented dj from Bruges who left us to soon, his music will live on through his tapes and other work.
We'll be uploading more from him in the future .


Friday, June 12, 2009

Crazy B - Scratch Attack !

Another scratch tape from a Double H dj .Crazy B is known for his scratching skills and his work with Alliance Ethnik.A tape for the Turntabelism fans.

Dj Abdel & Dj Mouss - Mortal Scratch Round 1

Cut Killer had his crew in the 90's, double h dj crew , wich featured the best French dj's from that time. Each dj had his speciality but they all had one thing in common ... they were all great scratchers and won lot's of prices at DMC contests.
To show you some of their skillz we give you a scratch tape from French-Moroccon dj's Abdel & Mouss.

A tape for the turntabelism lovers .

Dj Duke Flava -100% Freestyle Shit 2

Another French gem and this time from 95 ' .
A tape from dj Duke from Lyon with French freestyles with the biggest names of that era. Also check the skills on this one .
It also features a remix of the song Iam & Sunz of Men made together.
Great artists & nice beats makes a good tape so cop this one !
Also check the freestyle of late East , who died later that year...

East RIP !

Cut Killer - Represent

Another slammin' tape from mister Cut Killer.
This tape is from 96 and gives you a taste of the hip-hop of that time .
Paula Perry , East Flatbush Project, some french legends like D'Abuz & Koalition , y'all know what time it is !
Cut Killer was also know for his great and inventive intro's, on every tape he made he putted two great intro's on each side ,check the skills on both the mix and the intro's and you'll know why Cut Killer will always remain France number one dj .

Straight from the Underground .... Cut Killer !!

Dj Goldfinger - Anthology V3

Another hip-hop tape from a French dj .
Not as legendary as Cut Killer , Clyde Poska or others , he still made some nice tapes and made a name with his mix-cd's alongside dj Kost .
This is a nice hip-hop mix from 1999 .
Pour le coté collector ;)

Cut Killer - Party Jam

Cut Killer is the most skilled mixtape dj in Europe and the most known hip-hop dj from France .
You may know him from his recent work with Big Dawgs Pitbulls but that is just some wack shit compared to what he used to do at parties and mixtapes in the 90's.
He started making hip-hop tapes in 93 , one of the first in France alongside Dj Clyde, and made a name with his legendary tapes where he invited some of the biggest names of that time .
He also had a famous radio show on Radio Nova , some of these shows can be found on this blog .
Some of you may also know him from his appearance in the cult movie La Haine , where you see him scratching and blending big's machine gun funk on Edith Piaf & Krs One - Sound of tha police.

As an introduction to Cut Killer we decided to post his Party Jam tape from 1997 , a kind of megamix of all his favourite tracks , with lots of crazy scratches , mixes and medley's .

This is one of the most legendary tapes from the French mixtape scene.

You should definitly check this one out !

Tout droit de l'underground's the Cut Killa show !

Dj HMD - Les Gens D'armes

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dave O - Say No More

We had you waiting for some time but now we're back in full force !
This time we got a banging hiphop/r&b blend tape from Dave O .
Don't know much about that cat but all i know is that he got mad skills ,good idea's and looking at the way he did this tape he's one of the greatest.
The year is be 1996.

Make sure you cop this one, a tape for the summer !

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dj S&S - Something for that ass part 2

This dj has been presented over and over on other blogs.
You'll recognize him by his selection , his heavy voice and raw mixing.

A nice hip-hop tape from 1994 , you'll certainly play this one loudly through your speakers and getting a taste of what hip- hop once was.

Put it on S&S , put in on !

Stone Love vs Bodyguard - 1998

This time we got some exclusive shit for the dancehall massive out there.

A tape we copped some 10 years ago in Jamaica . A party tape where the two biggest Jamaican soundsystems clash and some of the best artists of that time come on stage.

It was a time when the brukout and the bookshelf riddim were the biggest tunes in a Jamaica and Bounty Killer and Beenie Man were rivals for the title of King of The Dancehall.
You hear parts of their beef on this tape , for the rest you hear the usual stuff from Jamaica : Roundhead insulting the police and the government , Spragga Benz asking the massive to light dem lighters, Bounty Killer giving a speach about the danger of the opening of a gay nightclub in Kingston and so on .. y'all know how they feel about those things in Jamaica ...

Great performances , lots of artists , you will get a feel of how a Jamaican bashment was in the ninetees!

Bun dem rasclaat !

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mister Cee - Hip Hop According to Cee Lesson One

Tupac being murdered , Jordan finally back in full force from retirement to get the Bulls past the Supersonics and Iverson being drafted into the NBA , ya'll know this is 1996 !
A year Mister Cee decided to come and give us some hip -hop lessons as he delivered this tape where he mixes in his known style and makes a great selection for the headz.There are at least 4 tapes in this series so if you got the other ones , hook a brother up

Dj HMD - New Jack Swing V1

At Tapediggers we were quite surprised seeing Tapemasta putting a Dj HMD mixtape on his blog.
Dj HMD is a dj from our city Brussels who is quite controversial. Controversial because at one time in the ninetees he was flooding the market with cheap tapes where he just putted the newest releases on without doing more work to actually mix the songs , at that time lots of people like us weren't down with that kind of mass production...
But HMD did also some special series where he always made a nice selection so we tought maybe we'll hit you with one of these.
This one is a special New Jack Swing , with some quite rare gems on it .
For the younger folks , new jack swing is the music you hear when you play radio CRS on GTA San Andreas !

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ekim - Blends & Butter

Ya'll know what time it is when Ekim is on the wheelz of steel !
He's blessing us with a banging tape that has one side blends and the other side a nice hip-hop selection.
This one is for my man Dj Marioka at who asked me this some time ago .. I hope you enjoy this one homes, it's a mid- ninetees tapes so you know this can't go wrong.

Evil Dee - Beatminerz V1

As the spring is there and the sun is comming back we tought y'all could use a nice laid back mix from beatmaking genius Evil Dee .
He's diggin in the crates for us and mixes some soul&funk classics sampled many times through hip-hop history.
Ya'll surely recognize some classics .
No date for this one, but let's just say those gems are timeless.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lazy K - F*** Dj Clue

As our first drop we wanted to hit you with this mad Lazy K joint where she is definitly showing her skills and showing why she is a true mixtape legend.
Nice mixes, crazy scratches and a fine hip - hop selection , what else does a tape need to be classic?The year must be 1996 .>