Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dj HMD - New Jack Swing V1

At Tapediggers we were quite surprised seeing Tapemasta putting a Dj HMD mixtape on his blog.
Dj HMD is a dj from our city Brussels who is quite controversial. Controversial because at one time in the ninetees he was flooding the market with cheap tapes where he just putted the newest releases on without doing more work to actually mix the songs , at that time lots of people like us weren't down with that kind of mass production...
But HMD did also some special series where he always made a nice selection so we tought maybe we'll hit you with one of these.
This one is a special New Jack Swing , with some quite rare gems on it .
For the younger folks , new jack swing is the music you hear when you play radio CRS on GTA San Andreas !



  1. Believe me, i got joints for days & i realized the concept of mixtapes years ago. But when dj's start following trends, you the listener got to stand back & see what happening to you the consumer or collector..Good drop on this one..I'm sure there's at least 3 more good joints by HMD..lol !!

  2. Can you re-upload this without the html..

  3. No problem , but what do you mean by without the html?

  4. When i download it..no mp3, it comes up as a pic..no zip file !!