Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dj Kensei - Wild Pitch Mixed Tape

Straight from Tokyo Dj Kensei brings you this dope 1996 hip-hop mix.

DJ Sahib aka Yamaguhi (JazzBrothers) - Dance Session Special

We're touching all bases today: this time it's Dj Sahib from the JazzBrothers with a Jazz, Latin, Be-Bop Fusion mix.

Dj Ta-Shi & Shortkut - Ain't Nuthin But The Beats

Japan and USA teaming up for this rollercoaster of a tape.

Dj Choku - Listen To My Demo 1997

Dj Sen - To Put The Funky Fresh On

DJ Muro - Winter Flavor'99

Soulfull mix by Dj Muro. This is the cassette version.

Dj Fillmore - How to Games

West Coast mix by Japan's Dj Fillmore.

Jahtari - Trojan Explosion Mixtape

Tribute to Jamaican label Trojan by German soundsystem Jahtari.

Dj Caujoon - New York State Of Mind

Nas tribute mix by Japan's Dj Caujoon.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dj Hot Day & Jay Supreme - QB Dream Team

The Dream Team in full effect with a Queens best.

Tony Touch - Reggae 36: Hold Ya Head

Dj Kou-G - Grooveman Spot

Dj Kiyo - Royalty / My Keys

side A

01.Les Nubians / Makeda
02.Eryka Badu / Bump It
03.トラック03 / Unknown
04.Slum Village / Go Ladies [ Instrumental ]
05.A Tribe Called Quest / Find a Way
06.Common / Thelonius
07.Pete Rock / Fly Till I Die
08.Slum Village / Hustle
09.Cos/Mes / Natural Lifespan [ Acid Orchestra Remix ]
10.Mr.Fingers / Survivor
11.Max de Castro / Pra Voce Lembrar

side B

01.Jill Scott / Slowly Surely
02.Jaguar Wright / I Can’t Wait [ Instrumental ]
03.The Brand New Heavies / Sometimes [ Instrumental ]
04.Kwell,Talib & Hi Tek / The Blast [ Instrumental ]
05.Sulm Village / Are You Ready
06.トラック06 / Unknown
07.The Roots / What They Do [ Instrumental ]
08.トラック08 / Unknown
09.The Notorious B.I.G. / Sky’s The Limit [ Instrumental ]
10.Mista / Blackberry Molases [ Instrumental ]
11.Kiss Of Life / Sade

Dj Statik - Mixtape Series V.2

Dj Statik is from Denmark and he doesn't like commercial rap.

Dj Cradle - Sound Contact V.2

Solid selection on this one.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Grandmaster Vic mixtapes being digitized !

Great new for all you mixtape fans out there. The legendary mixtapes by Grandmaster Vic are being digitzed. Be on the lookout. You can find his fanpage here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Grandmaster Vic - July 94

When people start posting Grandmaster Vic tapes on their blog you know we just can't sit down and watch. So here's another exclusive tape by this legendary dj from Jamaica Queens. It has been said he revolutionised Hip-Hop by creating the blend, but for us he's a special kind of dj just by the way he mixes. He has this thing of giving little hints in his mix of what's comming next before blending the next song together. I would like to explain even more why I rate this dj so much but just listen and if you're a dj: take note!

Dj B.K. - For All U Mack Ass Niggers

Don't know much about this dj except that he's from the Midwest and not to be confused with german Dj BK. Very nice soul selection on this one. I guess pimp music used to be very different back in the days. But for all u old school Pimps and Macks, this one is for you..

dj V-Nutz - Soul Food Mixtape

Another one from our Chinese turntabelist. This one is more on a soul tip. Read more about him and his turntabelism lab here.

dj v-nuts - Funk Beat Amin Mixtape

Tapediggers is going worldwide. This time we go to China with dj v-nuts. With a funky mix with beats and sounds all over the place.

DJ Ryow & DJ Kenzo ‎– Vital Foundation

Here you got Dj Ryow teaming up with Dj Kenzo. Same thing as the previous mix, nice selection and clean mix.

Dj Ryow - Family V.2

Love my Japanese mixtapes. Often overlooked in the West but they have some dope spinners over there, epsecially when it comes to clean mixes and selections with the rarest goodies. This one is no exception.
Big up to all our Japanese headz out there, one love.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Dj Siens - N°5 Special RnB

5th tape by Siens, his first only R&B tape. Nice tape composed of a solid selection with some rare jewelz,  great blends and good mixing skills, everything you'd expect from this dj.

Dj Spank & Busta Flex - Gold Tape

MC Busta Flex and producer Dj Spank unite to make this golden tape, loaden with US bangers from the early 2000. On the mic is Joey Starr of NTM.

Dj D.Ego - #5 100% Hip Hop Français

Dj Chester & Dj Cream - Classic & New Materials

Mix with more known Hip Hop and R&B tracks from 1997.

Dj Kost - 100% RnB Vol 4

Another funky R&B  tape by Kost, this time it's number 4 which came out in 1996.

Original Bombattak Vol.4 - Rap Français

Another installement in the Original Bombattack series.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dj Doggtime - 03/27/92

As we continue..this time it's a Doggtime tape from march 92.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dj Doggtime - 02/21/92

Well, we still have some rare Doggtime mixtapes left in the stash as this is now officialy Doggtime month at Tapediggers. This is one of his early hometapes, from februari 1992 to be precise.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dj Doggtime - Doggtime being ... Dogg

Our last unreleased Doggtime mix.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dj Siens - Hip-Hop Jan/Fev 96

So we continue our 'Tour de France' with Siens's first tape.
Needless to say this tape is Da Bomb.

Dj Siens - Hip-Hop 2

Number 2. Props to SOUL for this one.

Dj Siens - Hip-Hop 3

Another jewel by Siens. 1996 is the year.

Dj Siens - Tape 4

Siens has made lots of good tapes. His technique, creativity and flair to find rare songs and mix them skillfully together make his tapes stand out. This time it's a US hip-hop selection with some French freestyles. Nice athmosphere on this one.

Dj Fab - 2nd Voyage 100% Hip Hop

Second installement of this series, you can find the first one here. This one came out in 1997.
Big up to my man Just' Digga for this tape!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Dj LBR - Down with the King V.1

This time we present you LBR's first tape. A true classic. Great intro, some blends, medleys, a KRS One megamix and last but not least features from Zhane, Rahzel AND The Jungle Brothers. Just that!
1996 is the year.

Dj LBR - Down with the King V.2

LBR has featured on this blog with the Strickly Hip-Hop tape, this time it's more R&B flava with his tape 2. He started his career as a radio host and member of Double H dj Crew. He made some realy fat mixtapes. They stand out because of the amounts of blends and innovative mixes he did on his tapes which at the time in France was not so common. His tapes are all on point, with lots of blends, interludes, scratches ...He later became known for his work with AV8, being a superstar club dj, producer and so on. And he's a fan of Tapediggers. Aka the Man with the Bass.
His early tapes are all little jewels so make sure you cop this one.