Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dj Grazzhoppa - Fried Up Mix 1

Another dope ass tape from Belgium's finest.
My personal favourite, the technical level on this tape is astounding.
The tricks, juggles, cut-backs, mixing & selection are all on top level.
You don't hear many tapes like this ,so don't miss this one out!
Came out in 1996, un Grand Cru for hip-hop !
The Grazz tapes that will folow have all been ripped & upped by Shujahre so props to him.

Dj K-Delight : UK vs USA - The Batlle

This tape is from UK legend K-Delight.
Dope ass tape from hip-hop's Golden Era.
More on this dj can be found here.

Tony Touch - 49 Time To Shine

No need to introduce the Mixtape King, still standing strong to this day.Can't stress enough how this tapes rocks on every level. Todays dj's need to be humble and take a lesson from this piece of art. This is what a real mixtape needs to be.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dj Nicko - A Tribe Called Quest Hall of Fame

Fat mix from France's dj Nicko with a selection of A Tribe Called Quest classic tracks.
Great retrospective of one of hip-hop dopest groups.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dj LS One - Enjoy Yourself !

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, "LS" (as he's called by those who know him) has been and still is one of the most requested and respected dj's on the South Florida party scene and currently anchors Miami's hottest, most successful upscale urban promoter parties for the last 3 years ongoing. He is also know as G-Unit owns dj.

With this tape we bring you a mix where he shows what he's capable of. It's a fast-mixed megamix of hip-hop party classics from the Golden Era. This one is definitly not to be missed !

Dj Daddy K - Special R&B 1

DJ Daddy K born Alain is involved into the Hip-Hop culture since day one. He started his passion for this culture in 1982 with break-dance and became with his group ‘Dynamic Three’ the European Champion in 1986.
As a Hip-Hop Lover he touched all the aspects of the culture but he was more attracted by the art of DJ’ing.
He putted his first ‘scratch’ in Studio on the first Rap Record made in Belgium called ‘Brussel Rap Convention’ and then became the Dj author compositor of the Famous group ‘Benny B’. (First on the chart during three years in France and Belgium).
When the group split he went on the be a big club dj and to this day he continues to tour around the world .
To introduce him to y'all we'll post his first and most searched after mixtape called ' special r&b 1'. When this tape hit the streets of Brussels by 99 it was realy the BOMB. You could hear it everywhere banging from windows, cars, it just was all over the place.
It was the first time we had a real blend tape over here that was so good mixed and that actually contained some real blends. Some of those blends and breaks went on to be sold on the Transformers vynils, others have been lost by time ( this tape was never reedited)..

DJ Flip & Jonky Jonk - Summer Shit

Early 2000 tape by Flip & Jonky Jonk.
Don't forget to check out the site dedicated to the memory of dj Flip : & the facebook fanpage

Dj Flip - Mixtape Volume 7

Another great installement in the Dj Flip series.
Props to Kensy for this one.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dj LBR - Strictly Hip-Hop

DJ LBR was without a doubt one of the best dj's in France during the 90's.
French dmc vice-champion in 88, that year also marks his radio debut at radio Nova . Founding member of the double h dj crew dj LBR crosses the Atlantic in 1998 to sign to the famous AV8 record label (one of the famous party record labels in New York), where he becomes their main act along with Crooklyn Clan and Fatman Scoop.
Unfortunately over the years he turned commercial and switched styles. He is now a house music dj.

Lucky for us he made a good series of mixtapes, the ' Down with the King' series wich will also feature on this blog but as a treat we first serve you his first tape that came out in 97.
A nice little hip-hop gem with freestyles from the likes of Gravediggaz, Sages Poetes de la Rue , Kohndo and a smooth selection perfectly mixed by LBR.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DL Presents Dj Crossphader - Another L.I Groove

First tape of this double pack.
Props to Lionel for this one.

Dj Flip - Mixtape Volume 3

Dj Flip's third mixtape that came out in 1997.
Nothing but hot flava on this one.

Dj Flip - Mixtape Volume 1

Another installement in the dj Flip mixtape series.
This is his first tape.
Props to Topshotter for this one.

Funkmaster Flex live on One FM - 22/04/1995

The Flex gets busy on this one .
Blends, scratches, tricks & a fat selection for the headz.

Dj Iron & Kid Calico - The Showdown

Dj Iron has been an household name in the Belgian hip-hop scene for many years. Originating from the Belgian costal area he started mixing at an early 15 years old. He soon began making his own mixtapes wich he first distibuted at school and to his friends. He quickly made a name with his tapes wich where being sold through Ghent and the rest of Flanders.
Started producing some years later he is known for his raw & funky tracks wich would take him on to produce tracks for US rappers like El Gant, Planet Asia, Jamalski, Tableek & El Da Sensei.
He is also a member of the Dj Grazzhoppa Dj Bigband with whom he would tour all over Europe and demonstrate his skills on different stages.Being one of the creators of the Earquake label wich released several vinyls for the underground market and with many new projects yet to come time will tell where his talent will take him…
To introduce him we’ll start with his Showdown mixtape wich came out in 2004 and became a classic mixtape since then. The concept of this mixtape was to make something totally new with classic 90’s hip-hop songs. Every song on this mixtape is an unique blend, mixed and scratched together alongside Kid Calico. This unique tape brings backs the true essence of 90’s hip-hop.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Cut Killer - Tape 5 : special East & Fabe

What happens when you put the two best French mc's and the best dj together to make a tape?
Chances are you get a classic tape.
And this one is pure classic. This tape dissapearing over the years added more weight to its legendary status it already had when it came out in 1995.

The first one of a serie of tapes where Cut Killer invited rappers on his mixtapes, those tapes combined their freestyles with the best tracks of the moment cutted and mixed together by France's number 1.
East , a long time friend of Cut Killer got the honour to be the first guest alongside with Fabe. You get a great freestyle from them followed with some bangers of the moment from artists like KMD, Kurious & Da King and I .The first side finishes off with a nice reggae-hip hop blend session.
The flipside is more on an R&B tip with some smooth vibes from people like X-Scape , Eric Gable & Angela Winbush.
This mixed all together in true Cut Killer fashion : great cuts & intro's and songs that he pitched to the max to give it a nice New Jack Swing vibe.
This tape was due to be reedited last year but that didn't happen because Fabe stopped rapping and turned into a Muslim cleric. Because of that he didn't want his old projects the be released anymore. To bad for the masses but Tapediggers still got the flava to feed ya mixtape needs!
Make sure you cop this one, fat fat tape !
Dedicated to my man LeShaffiq !
East RIP.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grandmaster Vic - 21 september 1994

This time we got a classic New-York blend tape for y'all.
It's done by no one other then tape legend Grandmaster Vic, you can read more about him here.

It's one of our favourite tapes , Grandmaster Vic realy takes mixing on another level: the way he mixes one song in another, the cuts, the blends, the selection , all put together in a smooth set that captures the essence of the golden era of hip-hop.
If you listen carefully you can understand why that dj was considered the king of mixing at that time...
Just the first track where he blends Brandy's I wanna be down with the instrumental of Alyson Williams I need your loving...this could possibly be the best blend ever....A true Classic.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cut Killer - Hip Hop Summer Jam 95

Massive hip-hop mixtape that came out in 95 and was reedited in 2002.
It's a mixtape in true Cut Killer fasion : great intro's, smooth mixing, nice cuts and a big selection of indie & more known hip-hop bangers.
Don't miss out on this one !

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dj Mouss - Scratch Action Hero

Scratch tape by another former Double H member, Moroccon Dj Mouss.
Mostly known for his R&B series ' Wanted Tape' he is also an expert turntabelist and formed with Dj Pone the Scratch Action Hero collective wich won several DMC awards.
A lot of guests on this tape, every song is a juggling & scratching festival centered around a theme. Don't miss out on the Star Wars theme with Cut Killer and the Saian Supa Crew beatbox intro!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dj Pone - Homework 3

Dj Pone is a French dj mostly known for his work with Birdy Nam Nam.
Many times French dmc & itf champ he established himself in the 90's as a member of the French dj Crew Double H. He made several mixtapes with Dj Damage before doing this 3-part Homework series that came out in 2002.
Expect a nicely mixed tape with great skills and fat songs.


French indie tape, not mixed but with great freestyles.
Late 90's tape.

Le Son,le Sud & Les Truands

French tape with some indie artists, came out in 2001.
Nothing special but great intro tough.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mister Cee - Do You ?

Another Mister Cee for ya ears.
This came out in 97.
Classic material on this one, no special blends or tricks but just straight hip-hop.

Dj Grazzhoppa - Fried Up Mix 7

Classic Hip Hop on this One.The year is 1996.The city is Ghent and the dj blows the audiance away with his skillz.

Dj Grazzhoppa - New School Is Old School

Late 90's electro-funk mix by Dj Grazzhoppa.
One Take.