Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dj LBR - Strictly Hip-Hop

DJ LBR was without a doubt one of the best dj's in France during the 90's.
French dmc vice-champion in 88, that year also marks his radio debut at radio Nova . Founding member of the double h dj crew dj LBR crosses the Atlantic in 1998 to sign to the famous AV8 record label (one of the famous party record labels in New York), where he becomes their main act along with Crooklyn Clan and Fatman Scoop.
Unfortunately over the years he turned commercial and switched styles. He is now a house music dj.

Lucky for us he made a good series of mixtapes, the ' Down with the King' series wich will also feature on this blog but as a treat we first serve you his first tape that came out in 97.
A nice little hip-hop gem with freestyles from the likes of Gravediggaz, Sages Poetes de la Rue , Kohndo and a smooth selection perfectly mixed by LBR.