Friday, December 14, 2012

Dj Poska - What's The Flavor? V.21

No doubt this gem will be appreciated by hip-hop purists all over the world. Came out in 96, pure US selection in true Poska fashion. Bump this in your mp3player, walkman, discman, whatever and don't forget where you got it from!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dj Grazzhoppa - Fried Up Mix April 95

Another banger by Belgium's finest Dj Grazzhoppa. When I look at that old school artwork and compare it with the ugly, cheesy covers from (most of) todays "mixtapes" I always wonder: Where did it go wrong ?? If you want something that's good and new (yes that's possible!) check out Grazz his latest track that came out to celebrate the vinyl release of his album “Intricate Moves 2″.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Cut Killer - Freestyle

You can't post Poska's 25th & Coup de Poing without posting the mother of all French freestyle tapes: Cut Killer's freestyle. Big names, massive instrumentals and Cut Killer going berserk on France's first freestyle tape. First issued in 1995,this tape is the soundtrack of a whole generation. Tout droit sorti de l'underground... It's the Cut Killah Show!!

Dj Poska - What's The Flavor? V.25

What's the Flavor? is a classic mixtape series from another deejaying legend from France: Dj Poska. This is his first all freestyle tape which would soon become legendary and was used and abused through walkmans all over France, Belgium, Switzerland & Canada. 1997 in full effect!

Dj Cream, Dj Chester & Lord Issa - Operation Coup De Poing

Classic French freestyle tape, a real punch in the face!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dj Grazzhoppa & After Hours - How Do You Get Relief ?

Saimn-I: "2001 pure mixtape magic.. Grazz and afterhours split tape with both sides conituous mesmerizing new beats, cuts, sounds and remix approaches by indeed belgium’s finest in the bizz.. first 15 min the sound is kinda faded, guess I played it a bit too much ;-) therefore Saimn-I highly Recommended!!!"

Dj Iron - Tape 4

You can't front on a dj Iron tape. The selections are always on point, the cuts sharp&deadly and the seamless mixing close to perfect. Let Iron take you on a ride for his tape number 4.

Dj Uinkxxs - Tourizm 5

Saimn-I:"Uinxx of dhl crew brings an exquisite volume 5 of the “tourizm” mixtapes; to make you rewind anytime!! Crazy cuts, remixes and a dope selection.. Dehael mastership !!!!"

Dj Kaine - Déhael Tape 7

Saimn-I:"Dj kaine, (a)kainer, AK-47, … what’s in a name = a dj legend.. Kaine represents this dhl 7 mixtape for the kingsize crew and features : kingsize crew, dj grazzhoppa, gus, dj uinxx,… le crew quoi!! NUff said, 1998 classic material!!"

J Rocc & The Beat Junkies - Turntable Language

1995. Beat Junkies. Creativity. Fat Tracks. Need I say more?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DJ LS One - Brooknam

Another exclusive tape from the Tapediggers crates. This time G Unit's own dj with a tape back from 97. When some of you are out there hating, complaining, taking pictures of tapes you don't want to share, braggin about what you have... We're still here delivering the goods. Sharing & archiving Mixtape Culture worldwide. Sit back and learn. You haven't seen nothing yet.

K-Delight - Tha Realness

Worldwide baby, worldwide..From the UK to Japan, from France to Belgium, from Germany to Jamaica and back to the United States.. We bring you goods from all over the world. Worldwide is over here.

K-Delight - Fast & Raw

Classic mixtape by UK legend K.Delight. All UK tracks from the early 90's. Fast vs Slow rap. This one's for my man Paul over at

Far West Crew @ Bounce StuBru

Far West Crew & Crucial P @ multipop