Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dj Grazzhoppa & After Hours - How Do You Get Relief ?

Saimn-I: "2001 pure mixtape magic.. Grazz and afterhours split tape with both sides conituous mesmerizing new beats, cuts, sounds and remix approaches by indeed belgium’s finest in the bizz.. first 15 min the sound is kinda faded, guess I played it a bit too much ;-) therefore Saimn-I highly Recommended!!!"



  2. Thanks man, any chance you can upload the mixtape operation coup de poing ?

    It's on your archive, directory French Mixtape Culture/Dj Cream/Dj Cream - Operation Coup de Poing

    I would be so glad to have this gem back, so thanks a lot if you can upload

    nice collection you have here by the way !

  3. Have to say thanks for these Grazzhoppa tapes you've posted during the year, they've been a real education. Excellent quality.

    Charlie Blimey.