Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dj Kensei - Wild Pitch Mixed Tape

Straight from Tokyo Dj Kensei brings you this dope 1996 hip-hop mix.

DJ Sahib aka Yamaguhi (JazzBrothers) - Dance Session Special

We're touching all bases today: this time it's Dj Sahib from the JazzBrothers with a Jazz, Latin, Be-Bop Fusion mix.

Dj Ta-Shi & Shortkut - Ain't Nuthin But The Beats

Japan and USA teaming up for this rollercoaster of a tape.

Dj Choku - Listen To My Demo 1997

Dj Sen - To Put The Funky Fresh On

DJ Muro - Winter Flavor'99

Soulfull mix by Dj Muro. This is the cassette version.

Dj Fillmore - How to Games

West Coast mix by Japan's Dj Fillmore.

Jahtari - Trojan Explosion Mixtape

Tribute to Jamaican label Trojan by German soundsystem Jahtari.

Dj Caujoon - New York State Of Mind

Nas tribute mix by Japan's Dj Caujoon.