Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stone Love vs Bodyguard - 1998

This time we got some exclusive shit for the dancehall massive out there.

A tape we copped some 10 years ago in Jamaica . A party tape where the two biggest Jamaican soundsystems clash and some of the best artists of that time come on stage.

It was a time when the brukout and the bookshelf riddim were the biggest tunes in a Jamaica and Bounty Killer and Beenie Man were rivals for the title of King of The Dancehall.
You hear parts of their beef on this tape , for the rest you hear the usual stuff from Jamaica : Roundhead insulting the police and the government , Spragga Benz asking the massive to light dem lighters, Bounty Killer giving a speach about the danger of the opening of a gay nightclub in Kingston and so on .. y'all know how they feel about those things in Jamaica ...

Great performances , lots of artists , you will get a feel of how a Jamaican bashment was in the ninetees!

Bun dem rasclaat !


  1. Dammmnnn, stone love in the house..classic reggae..I got a 10 year anniversary on them somewhere..