Friday, September 11, 2009

Dj Grazzhoppa : a little presentation

It's time for a little presentation of Belgian hip-hop legend Dj Grazzhoppa.

Active in the hip-hop scene since the mid eighties , he started with TLP Belgium's first hip hop band 'Rhyme Cut Core'. Being skillfull on the turntables as he is he became European Dmc champion in 1991.
He was also the first Belgian dj who made mixtapes ( to my knowledge) and was active with Belgium's most known hip hop group De Puta Madre.
Besides being a great dj he is also a producer.He worked together with Greedy Fingers ,Blade, Mf Doom,Necro....the list is endless.
More detailed biography can be found here.
His latest work include his dj big band where he putted some of the best dj's in the world together and formed a 'big band' wich has been touring all over since a couple of years, more info on this dj bigband on
He has a new album comming out called Gemini, a soulfull collaboration with his spouse, samples can be listened on his myspace page.

But as you know here at Tapediggers we're all about mixtapes and Grazz produced a lot of them, and we can truly say they are quality tapes : the selections, the ideas,the concept, the crazy cuts...nothing more to add than just cop this shit and see how a mixtape really should be!

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