Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cut Killer - R&B N° 4 - 1995

It's Esko again holdin it down for Tape diggers and this is one goes out to my cousins Sami & Shafiiq The Digga - Cut Killer R&B N°4 !

Now fellas this is my favourite mixtape, this is one of the rare tapes that never left my house since the 90s, i still remember buying it back in 95/96 when Michael Jordan was still playing with the Bulls and 2Pac & BIG were alive and still bringin new flava....

As usual Cut Killer prepared an original intro and continues on this r&b cruise with many classics as well as some rare tunes like Jameicia feat. Busta Rhymes or Baybe - Victim of Society, as well as a crazy blend of Fugees over Horace Brown a true pearl of  90s r&b mixing

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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/listen/21p4m137r2dov0s/Cut_Killer_-_R&B_N°4_-_Face_A.mp3