Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Eddie Def - Hemp Lords V.1

This very eclectic mix by Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters Eddie Def features some obscure sounds from around the world crafted into one crazy mix. This is not for everyone, but if you're open to many styles and sounds you can give this a try.
Props to for the original upload.
Some info: (note that the cover is from the Wax People cd which is kind of a best of volume 1&2 of the Hemp Lords series).
 "After I did the original Hemp Lords in 1996 I didn't think that anyone would like it except for me," said Eddie Def. Wrong! People loved it and soonafter the handful of Hemp Lords tapes manufactured started circulating they quickly became much coveted collector's items by those who dug Eddie Def's DJ skills and could relate to his musical landscapes, accentuated by a montage of diverse pop cultural references. Using as his tools; two turntables, a mixer, a basic Gemini 4-second sampler, and a four-track Eddie spends months at a time carefully crafting each Hemp Lords volume. The opening segment of Hemp Lords II (CD track #1) for example includes about 150 different noise/sound sources. "I like to keep it moving real fast with just little bits, like bam bam, hitting you from the left and the right like a Mike Tyson fight," says Eddie whose style is in the tradition of the 1980's megamix records. "I'll take a horn, a snare, a scream, a guitar, a moan, a cartoon, or I'll flip an orchestra backwards. I love sounds and I love manipulating them or using them out of their original context," enthuses Eddie. "Cry Baby" for example contains a sample of his daughter Guilianna crying."



  2. This tape is kinda weird but good. I think I have a dub of this in my collection.

  3. Do you have the rest of the tapes? I lost them on an old iPod and they are the links in Rekordzonwheelz are outdated. They are impossible to find.

  4. Yes I have the rest of the tapes. I'll upload them on this blog in time.

  5. Any news os the rest of the tapes? :) The would be very appreciated