Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cutee B - R&B V.1

God knows I don't like R&B that was made after 98. This tape is from 99 so I won't recommend it but I know there are fans of this kind of music out there. Cutee B itself is a household name in the French mixtape scene, part of the Double H crew and a producer. He also made some fat tapes before he made this series. On the other hand this had a enormous commercial succes so props to him for making that dough. I would have been a broke ass dj, playing only songs from way back ignoring the demands of the younger generation for shitty music...



  2. Salutation ! merci pour cette mixtape, ca m'a fais penser a la 100% hip hop avec 1 bario 5'spry, par hasard s que tu l'as ?? merci man pour tout ce bon taff, et ses souvenirs
    Paix, et enorme BIG UP !