Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bass Culture Soundsystem

Bass Culture has been doing it for 18 years now. Putting fever in the dancehall nights made in Brussels. 18 years old. You're a grown up now. From the studios of the legendary Radio Crystal (where it all started), Radio panik, Radio Campus or Radio Vibration; from the Magasin 4 , the Fool Moon, Recyclart, Ghent, Antwerp, Paris and even Switzerland the years have passed . And so did the miles and the nights.
Dozens of artists played and spun at the infamous Bass Culture parties. Daddy Mory and Lord Kossity to quote some deejays. Stand Tall, Robbo Ranx or Pow Pow when it comes to soundsystems. Thus causing vocations and being a pionner in its own niche, Bass Culture is the originator of the reggae/ragga scene in Brussels and in Belgium.

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