Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wu-Tang Clan : Freestyle,Unreleased & Live Tape 5

The Wu (or its bootleggers) are back with a fifth tape and this time France's legend is invited. Cut Killer comes on side B with a wicked 30 minutes mix of the best Wu songs complete with a Cut Killah style intro, blends & seamless mixes. Rest of the tape is filled with unreleased bangers & hot freestyles from the likes of Cappadonna,Syheim,Sunz & Man, U GOD and other Wu Warriors.

Suicide Side
1. Wu Wake Up
2. Shaolin VS Goldorak : Intro
3. Wu- Tang Killabees Madness Freestyle
4. Killah Priest : Tai Shi Unreleased
5. KGB : You Protect Ya Neck Record
6. DSA : Uncontrolable
7. Method Man : PLO Frankenstein Remix
8. What's New Mix
9 Ghostface Killah : Assassination Iron Day Mix
9 Cappadonna : Taking Drastic Measures

Wucutkillah Side
1. Sunz of Man : Hot 97 Freestyle
2. Shyheim : Wake Up Show Freestyles
3. Shyheim feat. Masta Killah : Young Gods
4. Cut Killah : The Complete Shaolin Story of Wu mixed in Dirty Wu Style



  2. Oh, my God! thank you for this! very dangerous shit)
    you really have these tapes?

  3. I actually don't have the physical tapes...
    I once downloaded the 5 of them on Soulseek I think...
    Send me a mail and I'll send you the other ones if you need them..

    1. Hello, can please mail upload them or me at darwinco at gmail dot com?

  4. Wow! This is amazing, thank you very much. I would like those other ones, too.

  5. can you pls upload the orders pls =)

  6. Send me a mail, I'll send you a link. I will not be posting them directly on this blog, later on for sure, not now.

  7. Tu peut re Up les liens pour cette tape l'ami ....
    Bad ass dope tape


  9. hi.. sorry to bother u but... any chance of a re-up?

  10. hello.. any chance of a re-up? thanks

  11. serait il possible de re up le lien avec mediafire?? merci d'avance